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100 Avenue Road development could go ahead with fire safety compromised

21 September, 2017

• AS the Grenfell inquiry begins, Camden planning officers are recommending Essential Living’s latest application to remove two fire exits from their 100 Avenue Road development in Swiss Cottage.

This would mean there would be only one exit in the 24-storey tower and only one in the “affordable” building – that is, only two out of the four fire exits originally planned.

Their removal is to make way for more retail and store-room space and to improve landscaping with a water feature.

The officers’ report says: “The acceptability of the number of exits from the main core of the building will need to meet the relevant statutory building regulations criteria.”

The London Fire Brigade say they are “unable to make any comments at this stage”, and that they “will need to be consulted under the statutory building regulations procedure and it is at this stage only that we will make official comments on the development” – that is, once construction has started.

This would mean that, according to officers, under the current regulations, “if any concerns are raised from the London Fire Brigade at a later date, the scheme would need to be suitably amended and this may or may not require the developer to seek amendments to the planning application, depending on the scale and nature of the changes.”

Surely it would be more efficient to incorporate fire safety within the planning permission?

In any case it will mean that this development would go ahead with these inappropriate changes that will, by definition, compromise fire safety before the much-needed, imminent, revision of fire safety regulations are in place. Can this be happening so soon post Grenfell?

Essential Living’s proposed changes are to be heard by the planning committee at the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1H 9JE, on October 26 at 7pm. Please put this date into your diary and pass this on widely for a big turnout.

For confirmation of the date a week before, please check:

Save Swiss Cottage


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