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12 Bar is a name of fame

09 September, 2021

Phil Ryan and Johnny Guitar Chimney rocking out at the 12 Bar club

• IN support of 12 Bar, the internationally known venue that has existed for years in Denmark Street, I believe there is proof that “12 Bar” uniquely signifies the Denmark Street venue and cannot be translated to the all powerful demands of the developers’ new venue, (12 Bar club founder rocked by trademark row – as developer plans venue with same name, August 26).

A film entitled Tin Pan Ally Tales was made as demolition / excavation work began, necessitating its creation (I have an email from the film’s creator). The film’s existence surely proves how much affection and history exists and is connected to the street bearing its name and the music shops that include 12 Bar and its later venue?

I do hope Tin Pan Alley Tales is included in 12 Bar’s proof that the name was “alive” on “celluloid” during the disputed period this David and Goliath battle covers, and they succeed in retaining such an emotive, intimate, space so much loved by musicians across the world!

Montpelier Grove, NW5


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