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20 year life expectancy gap in Camden between rich and poor

Figures show the gap has almost doubled in the past five years

12 June, 2019 — By Tom Foot

THE life expectancy gap in Camden is at an all time high with poorer residents expected to die almost 20 years earlier than those who are better off.

The difference between adult lifespan in rich and less affluent areas is considered by the council and NHS chiefs to be the main marker for so-called “health inequalities”.

It is laid bare in the annual Camden and Islington health report, released this week, which said: “Men and women living in the most affluent parts of Islington can expect to live 10 more years in good health compared to those living in the least affluent parts; in Camden, the gap is even greater, at 18 and 19 years for men and women, respectively.”

The figures show the gap has almost doubled in the past five years when it was around 10 and eight years for men and women, respectively.

The report says that a 65-year-old man in Camden can expect to live another 20.7 years, compared to 24.4 years for women.

A Camden Council spokesman said: “We will tackle this by creating the conditions that support good health, supporting vulnerable and disadvan­taged children and families during their critical first few years of develop­ment and taking targeted action to improve the health and wellbeing of our more vulnerable residents.”


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