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7 Ways to Look After Your Health When Travelling for Business

08 October, 2020


Health and wellbeing can easily take a back seat with any job when you’re working hard. It’s even more of a risk when you’re traveling for business and concerned more with not missing your flight than you are about making sure you’ve had a healthy meal.

Looking after your health when travelling for business is a must, and here are seven ways you can do so.

  1. Plan Time for Rest

Always make sure that you’re planning for adequate down-time and sleep between business obligations. For long flights, be sure to make time for rest to combat the effects of jet lag. You should also try to treat business travel like your regular working day, which means allowing time off for yourself, too. Only work the required hours for business when traveling and be sure to find time to relax.

  1. Make Sure to Keep Hydrated

Forgetting to drink water is easily done when you’re rushing through airports, dealing with flights, and attending business meetings on the go. However, becoming dehydrated during travel is no good for your health. Get into the habit of drinking more water. Make sure it’s in your hotel room, ensure that you have some in the airport and on the plane, and keep a bottle with you whenever you can.

  1. Make Time for Food and Drink

Don’t skip meals when traveling for business. Book your flights to include an in-flight meal if it’s a long one, and plan time to stop and grab lunch and dinner between business responsibilities as needed.

  1. Reduce Stress as Much as Possible

Travelling regularly for business can not only be stressful in itself, but it can also be stressful to constantly have to organise flights, trips, and accommodation especially if you run into hurdles such as cancelled or rescheduled flights.

To keep stress to a minimum and care for your wellbeing when it comes to pressure and anxiety over travel, you can always consult with a corporate business travel management service who can take the load off your shoulders and arrange your business travel plans for you.

  1. Remember to Exercise

Sitting on long flights, sitting in your hotel room, and sitting down when meeting with business contacts or working from your laptop means it’s essential that you combat long hours spent unmoving by remembering to exercise.

Book a hotel that has an on-site gym and use it, or work out in your hotel room. Take a walk whenever you can and use airport stairs instead of escalators.

  1. Stay in Contact with Your Business

Stress levels can easily be heightened if you struggle to get in contact with colleagues when you need to discuss something business-related from the road. Be sure to set up a good system to keep in touch with business contacts when necessary to eliminate stress, anxiety, or distraction.

  1. Keep Electronics Charged

If you run into any problems or issues regarding your own health and safety during business travel, you need to be able to contact the relevant people to ensure your own wellbeing. Be sure always to charge your devices and phone to contact health services, no matter where you are.


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