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75-year-old who refuses to hang up his football boots

Birthday present for Tony Klug

01 November, 2019 — By Tom Foot

Tony Klug in his Arsenal shirt with the team at Ace Sports in Kentish Town

A 75-year-old football veteran has revealed the secret of his long career: “Never stop playing.”

Tony Klug, who has had a season ticket at Arsenal for 63 years, still plays in competitive matches as a fox-in-the-box striker.

On Tuesday, he collected his 75th birthday present from his wife Joanne – a gleaming new pair of football boots from Ace Sports in Kentish Town. Joanne thought she’d bought him his last pair 34 years ago, she said. “I think the key is not to stop,” said Dr Klug, an expert in the Middle East. “If you carry on playing, you’ll be all right. I can’t suddenly play other sports – it’s different muscles. I always thought I’d take up golf when I stopped playing football, but I’ve never stopped playing football.”

Dr Klug put his strong health down to weekly trips to a sports physiotherapist and also “stretching and breathing” exercises. “In the end we’ve decided to go for the Puma Kings, but with [moulded] studs,” he added on advice from Ace Sports’ owner Nick Mavrides.

Dr Klug has written extensively on the Israel-Palestine conflict and is a special adviser on the Middle East to the Oxford Research Group.

His games are organised through the website Footy Addicts, which has created a showreel of his best goals.

Joanne said: “I thought it was hilarious at 41 when he wanted boots – but here we are 34 years later and he still wants new football boots. “Every day for 38 years he does a 10- to 15-minute workout. He has to be seriously bed-ridden not to do that.” She added: “Saturday in our house the TV is on, there is no avoiding it. A husband and two sons who just sit discussing football all the time. “He has now taken up watching Arsenal’s women team.”

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