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A different service at the church

15 October, 2020

‘Maybe we are all suffering national PTSD’

• IT is sometimes said the Church of England is not known for laughing in the face of risk assessment, but the Roman Catholic church have not been immune to strange new rules in this time of… strangeness, as any attendee to St Mary’s at Holly Place will attest.

Despite all risk assessments that have to be done, limiting numbers, separate services for the elderly and vulnerable, social distancing, bathing in hand gel before entry, contact tracing and every second pew unallowed for public use – stewards are required to ensure someone from one household does not share a pew with someone from another – they now have to clean benches after every single service.

The local priest pointed out that Transport for London have yet to introduce seat cleaning on buses after every journey. Maybe this all makes sense to someone, somewhere, or maybe we are all suffering national PTSD.



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