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A lack of intelligent planning for lives of the elderly

07 February, 2019

• CLLR Flick Rea’s letter about the lack of intelligent planning for older people is most welcome, (Can all planners engage with us who need more user-friendly facilities? January 31).

Kilburn Older Voices Exchange has long campaigned on transport, public toilets (lack of), safe road crossings and Age Friendly Cities. We have installed benches on various sites in Kilburn – West Hampstead, and soon the Brent side of the Kilburn High Road will have four new places to rest.

These provide more than a place to stop, they can encourage people to leave their homes and thus reduce isolation. And KOVE organises Bench to Bench walks, which always welcomes new walkers.

There is a long way to go to influence planners, who, hopefully will grow old enough to realise their folly. But at KOVE we are a growing number of older people who will continue to campaign for a better environment. New members very welcome.

Chair, KOVE
Kilburn Older Voices Exchange



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