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A little bit of déjà-m vu in Parkway

A week after traffic jam row, new roadworks start

06 August, 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby

Roadworks in Camden Town

RESIDENTS in Camden Town who have celebrated the removal of pavement-widening barriers which reduced the number of traffic lanes in Parkway got a shock this week when roadworks led to a new jam.

Transport for London say the works at Britannia Junction are a part of their safety upgrades which started before the coronavirus pandemic.

Part of the works include temporarily placing a contractor’s cabin in the loading bay in Parkway nearest the junction which has meant the main road has this week been reduced to one lane. It has led to similar scenes as last month with residents complaining about the tailbacks in their streets.

William Miller, who lives in Gloucester Crescent, said: “The Mayor is determined to fiddle with London’s roads to make a point about clean air and cycling, when all he’s doing is making congestion ten times worse and London an unpleasant place to both work and live.”

He had campaigned against the short-lived pavement-widening measures on the same basis, insisting they were causing intolerable jams. TfL said the new disruption should be gone by the end of the week.

A spokesperson for TfL said: “The impact on Parkway is needed to facilitate some kerb works and safe contractor working.

It is a short phase of works and it is expected that two lane operation will be back by Friday morning, and our project manager is talking to our contractor to see if anything more can be done to expedite this sooner. Given recent events I apologise that I did not pick up on this work phase of the Britannia scheme and communicate it more effectively.”

Works include extending footways along the west side of Camden High Street and on part of the east side of Kentish Town Road.

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