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A parent at Camden School for Girls has confirmed positive for coronavirus

All schools are advised to remain open

13 March, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

Camden School for Girls 

A parent at Camden School for Girls has confirmed positive for coronavirus.

The student, who has no symptoms of the illness, has been at home since Monday after the school were informed their father had tested positive for the virus.

The Prime Minister yesterday advised that schools across the borough should remain open although school trips abroad have been banned from today.

In a letter home to parents, Elizabeth Kitcatt, Camden School for Girls headteacher, said: “NHS 111 informed us that, since the student has no symptoms, it is extremely unlikely that they will have infected anyone. There is no need to close the school.”

But parent Roberta Palli said she has taken her daughter, who is in Year 11 at the school, out of lessons since hearing the news.

She said: “The school is doing all they can but the council and the government should supply things like hand sanitiser that could help minimise the spread of infection if they are going to tell schools to stay open.

“I understand the idea of delaying the spread of infection and stop people from panicking but let’s put in place what we can do it prevent it.”

The new government advice is for anyone with a persistent cough or feverish temperature to stay at home for seven days.

The pandemic, as it was classified for the first time this week by the World Health Organisation, has seen more than 120,000 infections.

The letter from Ms Kitcatt added: “We have not received any other reports of students or family members with the illness. No member of school staff is unwell with Covid-19.1

“School staff and governors are in regular contact about the measures we must put in place to keep our school community as safe as possible. These include emphasising the importance of regular hand-washing, preventing visitors coming into school from affected areas and making sure that parents and students have read the advice from Public Health England. We are also making plans for any future developments, based on government advice.”

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