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A public vote is necessary

04 October, 2019

Johnny Luk

• SO the Conservatives have selected their candidate to be MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, (Johnny Luk selected to stand for Tories in Hampstead and Kilburn, September 25).

While the rest of us may wonder if there really are any moderate Conservatives left, now that Ben Seifert and others have been driven out, we are told that Johnny Luk seeks to “diffuse” the topic of Europe by “explaining the rationale of Brexit”. No satire necessary here, then.

Much as I am sure the vast majority of H&K residents would be delighted for Brexit to be diffused into thin air and scattered into oblivion, they know that voting for Boris Johnson’s party of constitutional chaos, parliament-suspension and law-breaking is not the way to bring it about.

It is a safe bet H&K will not reward Johnson’s incitement of hatred and violence, his stoking of division and his shameless lies.

No matter how much Mr Luk may try to “explain” Brexit away, we are clearly in the grip of an unravelling disaster and ongoing humiliation. Nor will H&K be conned by the lie that there could be a clean break with the UK’s largest trading partner and nearest neighbours.

Getting the Tory offer over the line would just mean the start of years of excruciating negotiations. The only way to Just Make It Stop is to give the public a vote on the reality of Brexit, a vote on a deal (or no-deal) that is actually on offer; with no unicorns and no £350million per week for the NHS and allowing those most affected, be they European residents or 16/17-year-olds, to vote on their own futures.

Allowing 2019’s majority to vote to remain in the EU instead, now we have the experience of the last three years, is the only democratic way to get Brexit over and done with. And the only party offering that public vote right now: Tulip Siddiq’s Labour Party.

Of course, in general elections we vote for an individual to represent us in parliament.

From having the foresight to vote against the initial triggering of the Article 50 period, when there was not even the beginning of a plan, to her continued opposition to a Brexit that makes the people of our constituency poorer and the country weaker and less influential, Tulip Siddiq has consistently stood up for and faithfully represented the views of our area; including when it came at the cost of her own ministerial advancement. Tulip Siddiq has not let us down and she deserves our continued support.

Labour, West Hampstead ward


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