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A question for all you Brexit supporters

18 October, 2019

• MARCIA MacLeod supports Brexit in part so that we can “make laws that suit us, not us and 27 other countries,” (I feel betrayed by the surrender and the traitors! October 10).

European countries are pretty similar with shared values and priorities, certainly across the rather limited range of subjects that are within the European Union’s competence, such as environmental protection and product standards.

Nor are countries wholly homogeneous: metropolitan Camden in some ways has more in common with other big cities on the continent than with rural England.

So I invite Ms MacLeod – and other Brexit-supporters – to set out for us the EU laws that have stopped them personally doing something they wished to do or made them personally do something that they did not wish to do.

A few rules: the laws need actually to exist, they need to be EU laws and they need to say what you believe they say (so you will need a better source than Boris Johnson).

You need to explain why you are confident that the UK would have a different law; and show why the benefit of the different law would be worth the huge upheaval that Brexit would bring.

Shall we say one example for each year of the United Kingdom’s EU membership? That would be 46. If that is too many, then perhaps one law from each decade? Or just one?

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