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A rubbish service from Veolia

07 February, 2019

• I COULD not be more astonished at the woeful performance by Veolia following the light snow­fall in Camden last Thursday and Friday.

Rubbish as well as household recycling was scheduled to be removed from King Henry’s Road on the Friday.

Yes, there was snow overnight on January 31, but only a centimetre or so at most collected on surfaces, and all local traffic – taxis, cars, lorries, vans, bicycles – was moving freely on the roads all the following day, February 1.

Yet Veolia did not show up. One would assume a large heavy truck with enormous tyres was probably better able to travel safely than other vehicles, but apparently Veolia used the snow as an excuse to take Friday off.

Over the weekend there was a notice on the website saying that rubbish and recycling in King Henry’s Road would instead be collected today, February 4.

It is nearly 5pm now, and everyone on the road still has their rubbish and recycling out on the pavement waiting for collection. When I called the council, they informed me that collection now might – might – take place tomorrow instead.

Meanwhile the bins that have been sitting on the pavement up and down the road since Friday morning have become fly-tipping locations, as well as accommodating general refuse disposal by passers-by.

This is shockingly bad service on the part of Veolia, and the council, have done nothing to address it.



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