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A second referendum would lead to a year of uncertainty and demise

28 March, 2019

• THE campaign for a second referendum has at last come clean and admitted that their aim is to block Brexit, that is the petition to revoke Article 50. They want a second referendum if that’s what it takes to block Brexit.

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, speaking in parliament, expressed disappointment at the government’s handling of 2016 referendum result, and the current malaise in parliament.

He said his contributions to debates on the subject had been to facilitate process, and if necessary he would support a second referendum.

In other words 650 educated and experienced politicians who get paid for dealing with such matters, have failed and he wants to spread the malaise across the 43 million voters in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

One poll on this shows 43 per cent voting leave and the same for remain. Whatever the result parliament would be responsible for its implementation.

Journalist Tom Newton Dunn, speaking on a TV programme said that “when the 2016 referendum was launched the two sides, leave and remain, took to their trenches. They are still in their trenches, the trenches are now 9 feet deep and nobody is moving.”

The only certainties that would result from a second referendum would be a year of uncertainty and demise, more distraction from the UK’s problems, waste of public funds, more fuel on the fire of Scottish independence and further deterioration in relations between parliament and UK citizens.

If the Labour Party in parliament lead on the campaign for a second referendum they will get the blame for all the problems that ensue and their chances of winning a general election will go down the drain and be lost for a generation.

We have a valid result. Parliament should implement it and move on.

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