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A special moment for ice-cool Jose

OPINION: It may be cruel to rejoice in a 56-year-old slurping ice, but the former Chelsea boss’s poisonous jibes were always unnecessary and usually unfair

07 February, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Former Chelsea and Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho

HOW’S your week been? Are you a bit down about the way Manchester City found it all a little too easy to beat Arsenal? Is it frustrating that Unai Emery and his aides did not seem to think a defender might have been worth acquiring during the transfer window?

Never mind. Lift the mood by logging onto your computer or phone and searching out, if you haven’t already, Jose Mourinho stacking it at an ice hockey match in Russia. The fast-becoming specialist-in-failure ended up on his backside while performing a celebrity puck drop. Watch, rewatch, watch again. One of the appropriately-padded players half-heartedly offers out a hand on his way down as if he could somehow scoop the sacked Manchester United manager back up before he hit the deck, but it’s no good. He tried to style it out, but we all saw.

Now, it may sound cruel to rejoice in a 56-year-old slurping ice, but he’s never been nice to us. Any of us. His poisonous jibes, which may I say again were lapped up by the national football journalists like he was the ultimate dreamboat, were always unnecessary, usually unfair and polluted.

Even if you are a Chelsea fan who thanks him for managing a title-winning line-up, it must sting that he went to Manchester United intent of building up a superclub that would crush you too.

Such was the funk about who still liked who and who didn’t, Mourinho lost his rag when he took United to Stamford Bridge and started running after a physio celebrating a Chelsea goal.

Truth is, he’s been found out by what has gone on at Manchester United. It’s tough to watch, watching United – who seemed miles behind not so long ago – racing past Arsenal, but at least everybody now knows that Mourinho is not as special as you all said he was.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was hardly a professor when manager of Cardiff City but suddenly he cannot make a wrong step as boss at one of the biggest clubs in the world. This is because he has inherited some of the best, and most expensive, players in the league who should be winning matches and should be competing. It’s just Mourinho could not make them work. And now he’s touring Europe getting tax fines in Spain, and falling over on ice rinks. The English game is much better off without him.

• WHEN Unai Emery was appointed as manager of Arsenal, people warned he was a little taken with the Europa League, having won it three times. He does not seem completely up to speed that it’s a little embarrassing to play Thursday night matches against teams you’ve never heard of. The added prize of Champions League qualification has changed things, however. Suddenly, as fourth place looks more and more of a battle, we should probably start matching Emery’s enthusiasm for the tournament.


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