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A walk in the park, right one day, wrong the next?

26 March, 2020

Cartoon by John Sadler 

• I HAVE a great deal of sympathy for members of a government I didn’t vote for who find themselves thrust into the global nightmare of the coronavirus.

I have to accept they are fellow human beings, who are doing what they think is best for society.

However, I don’t think they or the broadcast media are helping themselves or us by giving people a proper telling off for walking in the park with their friends and family on a sunny day.

One minister, known for his own spectacular vacillation skills, was more or less calling people homicidally selfish for something that only the day before was virtuous conduct.

Of course, their message is right, but the tone of it!

For those like me who in their 70s still struggle with infantile impulses, such reprimands trigger a desire to put on shorts and trainers and hare off around the Heath.

Fortunately, though, I can barely climb the stairs to bed.



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