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Access to Bloomsbury cut off… the latest

25 June, 2020

Series of vehicle-free streets in Bloomsbury

• MY letter about proposed road closures referred to Duke’s Road being the only direct route from the north into the area south of Euston Road which would be left open, (Our area is being cut off with no consultation, June 18).

However buried in the legal notices from Transport for London in the same CNJ issue was news that Duke’s Road, together with Upper Woburn Place, is now also to be closed to westbound traffic on Euston Road.

In addition, traffic on Dane Street and Red Lion Street is to be blocked via the introduction of “droppable” bollards.

With regard to the closure of major roads on three sides of Bloomsbury, officials had told The Guardian that work was commencing in mid-May and would take six weeks.

However, responding to our request for clarification, TfL has stated that plans are still being finalised so the timing is now unclear. TfL is also unable to supply a detailed map.

These changes are being introduced under the cloak of social distancing and pollution reduction.

Many local people doubt the honesty of this and know that Covid-19 has been seized upon as an easy way to force through a previously formed blinkered ideology.

We know from Camden’s past interventions that road closures can simply result in displaced traffic and increased pollution, and a worse quality of life. We, who live here want to encourage walking and cycling and to reduce unnecessary traffic and pollution.

But we doubt that this will be achieved by this covert onslaught of radical changes, imposed without evidence and without consultation, and it will undoubtedly adversely affect the lives of residents; it feels like our community is under attack.

Co-Chair, Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group


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