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Action plan for the police

20 November, 2020

A target to ensure 40 per cent of new police officers are from BAME backgrounds 

• MAYOR Sadiq Khan and the London Assembly are committed to tackling all forms of crime, and as Londoners, we all must play our part in this.

Underpinning this is the fact that the police must have the trust and confidence of the communities they serve to protect.

A continuing key concern revolves around the disproportionate use of policing powers against BAME Londoners. Increasingly, where some powers have been used, it has been found that no crime has been committed.

Stop and search is an important tool in the fight against violent crime. But it needs to be carried out properly and appropriately if it’s to be effective.

Police officers work extremely hard and put themselves in the face of danger every day to keep Londoners safe. Sometimes the police do things wrongly and need to be held to account when this happens.

It has been encouraging to see the mayor recently publish an Action Plan which seeks to address comprehensively these issues.

Central to the plan is a new target to ensure 40 per cent of new recruits to the service are from BAME backgrounds by 2022, backed by increased investment in officer training.

Communities across London will also be given a more significant role in working alongside the Metropolitan Police Service in examining the use of police powers and tactics.

Over the coming months I will continue to monitor the MPS’s progress on implementing this plan.

Member for Barnet & Camden


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