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Adding to the homes crisis!

17 September, 2020

• AFFORDABLE housing is always an ambiguous term, affordable to whom?

The social housing available on property built by developers needs a high “affordable” value, the rents maybe controlled by Camden Council but the service charges are not and they can often make the difference of affordable to non-affordable.

Values and contractors used by the property developer are often of a high standard and for that you pay highly.

Where was the sense in demolishing one property, just 25 years old, making hundreds of people homeless in order to build more homes in which you will then rehouse the people you have made homeless in the first place? (Estate regeneration ballot: Tenants’ vote halts homes demolition, September 11).

Where would people go in the meantime, four or five years at least from the scale of the Morrisons development? That is adding to the housing crisis not helping it.

Then again it isn’t sense is it, it’s reason? Why is there a need to demolish this property rather than improve it?

I seem to remember at the planning meeting held a couple of years ago, one of the topics concerning the council was access to the new large development.

Currently the only access is from Chalk Farm Road, another route was needed, Oval Road the ideal place.

However the alley leading from Oval Road into Morrisons is narrow and there is no space for making it wider and viable, so let’s demolish a whole property to enable a through-road to be built!

Now it begins to make sense. Sense to them but not to the rest of the residents of Gilbeys Yard who would be giving up their homes for a road, nor for all the residents of Oval Road who do not wish to have the road become a major thoroughfare – which it certainly would.

Maybe the new properties sounded inviting, with roof-top gardens, community services, infinity swimming pools and so on, but believe me you would pay for them.

I hope the tenants of Gilbeys Yard now keep their homes and we keep our quiet-ish Oval Road.

Oval Road, NW1


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