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Alan Bennett: ‘Corbyn represents some kind of hope’

Playwright says Labour can be 'foolish but are well-intentioned'

13 April, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

Alan Bennett with Camden mayor Richard Cotton at the fund-raiser for C4WS

PLAYWRIGHT Alan Bennett told a charity fund-raiser last night (Thursday) how he thought Jeremy Corbyn represented “hope” even if he did not always agree with the Labour Party.

He told a sold out audience at the Friends Meeting House in Euston Road that he had a “feeling of bereavement” when Labour failed to oust the Conservatives under Ed Miliband in 2015.

Mr Bennett, speaking in aid of the homeless charity C4WS at an event set up by Camden Mayor Richard Cotton, said: “I wanted a Labour government. They may sometimes be foolish, but are always well-intentioned, as opposed to a party determined to sell of our institutions and run the rest of the country solely for their own interests. This is a government for half a nation.”

Asked if he still backed Labour almost three years on from Mr Miliband’s defeat and with Mr Corbyn in charge, Mr Bennett: “I support, without always totally agreeing with Jeremy Corbyn. He represents some kind of hope.”

The event raised nearly £10,000 towards the charity and saw Mr Bennett read from his diaries and take questions from the audience. The writer, who lives in Primrose Hill, said: “I will sound like an old git if I read too much, as my diary is full of politics.”

He added: “I watch five minutes of Have I Got News For You and I always wonder why Ian Hislop and Paul Merton are happy to be on the same show as people like Nigel Farage, Jeremy Clarkson and Boris Johnson. Does it give them the chance to have fun at their expense? I feel it makes it appear that their opinions are not pernicious. Johnson does not have a moral bone in his body, Farage likewise. It makes people think politics is only a joke, but it very much isn’t.”

For more from Mr Bennett’s talk, see next week’s Camden New Journal


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