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All-day parking vouchers discriminates against those who do not own mobile phones

07 November, 2019

• CAMDEN Council now supply all-day parking vouchers only to those who own mobile phones.

It is possible to buy paper vouchers for stays of half-an-hour, one hour and two hours, but all-day paper parking vouchers are no longer available.

This discriminates against those who do not own mobile phones, likely to be the elderly and poor.

Friends and family living outside London and visiting Camden residents may need to travel by car because of the lack of public transport near their homes or because of mobility problems.

Without an all-day voucher, visitors without a mobile have to rely on finding a public phone to alert their hosts to their arrival.

Being without an all-day voucher also means that visitors have to move their cars every four hours which may not be convenient.

I cannot recall that there was any consultation regarding this change in Camden Council’s parking policy.

Denning Road, NW3


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