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All I am trying to do is hire a garage…

11 January, 2018

• I WOULD hope that I am a reasonable sort of bloke who can usually sort out most business matters in my life.

Yet I have to confess to being completely banjaxed by the process for hiring a garage from Camden Council in which to store some of my diminishing quantity of possessions.

I seem to have been at this for about three months, off and on, spending about one hour a week before my brain goes into orbit through the tortuous procedures I have tried to negotiate.

At present I am spending hundreds of pounds a month using commercial storage and have spoken to enough users to know that I could spend less than half my present outlay in a garage.

It appears that this service is one that can only be done on the internet, except that it appears that it cannot be done on the internet, in my case at least.

I did get to the point before Christmas where I was connected to a worker but she couldn’t help me because the computer system was down. After Christmas I got someone else, who was quite rude to me and gave me the formula to follow but was not efficient enough to email it to me.

Now I have just tried the computer route to no avail so I go to the main number with all its options. I ended up listening to a less than pleasant rock band!

It was then that I decided to complain to the council so I go to the dedicated complaints number where I get a better class of music, suggesting that I might need to be kept calm. After a short burst of this music the call is terminated!

So there we are. I have no garage and I continue to spent too much money on storage. The council has lost the income it would have received by renting me a garage space.

They might have spent the money they and similar failed applicants had paid on a customer relations course for some of their less effective staff, plus making the system more user friendly! I’m not holding my breath.

Hawley Road, NW1


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