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An affiliate organisation is saying don’t vote for the Labour Party

19 July, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

• WE are members of Camden constituency Labour parties and Momentum groups.

We want your readers to know that Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), an official affiliate of the Labour Party, is actively discouraging people from voting Labour.

The JLM passed a resolution that in an election they would not support any Labour candidate who accepts Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, and put this into practice by not supporting Labour in the Peterborough marginal. Thankfully Lisa Forbes won anyway or the extreme right Brexit Party would have got in.

They have also demanded that shadow chancellor John McDonnell “get rid of Jeremy Corbyn”.

The implications are wide, especially given Panorama’s unprecedented attack (BBC July 10), endorsed by the JLM and in which a number of JLM members took part (withholding their affiliation), condemning Corbyn as a “racist” and dismissing the movement of hundreds of thousands he called forth and which elected him leader.

Also, the previous day The Guardian, after pressure, deleted from its website a letter supporting Chris Williamson MP, a Corbyn ally, signed by over 100 Jewish people, a number of whom, like Ed Asner, Noam Chomsky and Richard Falk, are internationally known.

Labour members and supporters, many of whom are Jewish, have asked the JLM critical questions (see Facebook: Questions for JLM) about its public political positions.

The only response so far has been to charge us with “anti-Semitism”; typical of witch-hunters who don’t need to bother with facts or reasoned argument; the charge itself carries a guilty verdict.

So those of us who are working for a Labour government cannot question why a Labour affiliate is allowed to recommend not to vote for Corbyn, thus undermining our chances of victory and boosting those of racist, sexist, and xenophobic politicians.



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