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April 9 marks the 70th anniversary of a massacre at a Palestinian village

05 April, 2018

• APRIL 9 is the 70th anniversary of the Israeli massacre in Deir Yassin.

Some 120 fighters from the Zionist paramilitary organisations Irgun and Lehi attacked the Palestinian village which, like the rest of Palestine, was then ruled by Britain under a mandate granted by the League of Nations.

According to a Red Cross official, more than 200 of the 600 villagers were murdered within a few hours. Israeli historians mention cases of mutilation and rape.

The attack in Deir Yassin was instrumental in persuading many people throughout Palestine to flee their country.

That tragic episode is known as the Nakba (“catastrophe”), an operation planned by the Zionist authorities in Palestine and which ultimately led to the ethnic cleansing of some 750,000 Palestinians.

The dispossession of Palestinians and the attempt to drive them from the land of their forefathers continues to this day.

Press officer
Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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