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Are we already hooked up to a health service privatisation drip?

29 November, 2018

The Royal Free Hospital

• THE Royal Free Hospital is installing a swanky new private GP service on the premises, at your service for £80 a pop, (Where is the human element in hospital’s planning?  November 22).

That’s 80 per cent of the average weekly pension. So forget it if you’re old and poor. Just get to the back of the queue and wait your turn in an orderly fashion.

Did anyone, outside the Royal Free management, know about this? Who signed off on this wholly unacceptable development? Where are the profit and loss figures? Was the public consulted?

A privately-owned, profit-generating, enterprise availing itself of the entire, impeccably maintained, infrastructure of publicly-funded hospital premises that we pay for!

Apart from the fact that this should set NHS alarm bells clanging throughout the entire borough of Camden, what is the Royal Free’s reasoning behind this? Why would they want a private GP surgery inside the hospital?

It’s already somewhat murky that a publicly-funded institution houses an entirely private wing with a frankly opaque accounting structure.

At least this development now provides us with an ideal opportunity to shine a sterilising light into the shadowy corridors of the Royal Free Hospital.

Are we already hooked up to a health service privatisation drip? Let’s not sleepwalk into sucking the lifeblood out of the National Health Service. Waking up would be pretty grim.

Camden Green Party
Parliamentary Candidate
Hampstead & Kilburn


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