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Are we going to allow destruction of mature trees with no consultation at all?

08 February, 2018

Sawn stumps in South End Green have been painted red by Bryn Jones

• FURTHER to your report (Artist paints stump red in protest at axing of chestnut tree, January 25), and to the February 1 letter of Adolfo Bronstein in response to it (Even if a tree is sick it might not be terminal).

I would like to ask: are we allowing mature trees of 200-plus years, across the capital, to be cut down with no public consultation and no subsequent accountability to the people that this will affect the most?

Two mature trees in South End Green were cut down with no warning to, or consultation with, the people of the area.

These trees had been acting as important air filters, soaking up the exhaust fumes from the nearby 24 and 168 bus termini, for many years, not to mention their aesthetic beauty and historical importance.

The reason, we are told, is that they had become dangerous after a recent storm so had to be cut down, and that they will be replaced. Residents are appalled that these beautiful trees have been snatched away with no opportunity for us to make our voice heard.

We demand:

• To see some evidence of the dangers that these trees posed (that is, not just to the property of the Arriva bus company)

• Assurances that they will not just replace them (as I understand they are legally obliged to do) with young saplings of a completely different species which, even if they are able to bear up to the toxins from the local buses, may take years to approach anywhere near the filtering efficiency of the trees that were lost.

South End Close, NW3


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