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‘As a Jewish woman, I will not be told Labour is no longer for me’

Council leader GEORGIA GOULD reflects on the resignations of seven MPs from the Labour Party, including Luciana Berger

19 February, 2019 — By Cllr Georgia Gould

Council leader Georgia Gould

It’s a sad day for the Labour party.

A split does not help those we seek to serve, and Monday’s events call on all of us who love the Labour Party to think long and hard about how we got here.

Luciana Berger has not had the support she deserves from our party – in the face of staggering anti-Semitic abuse from within, and outside, the party and I respect her decision.

But the fight to stamp out anti-Semitism from the Labour party continues and now is the moment for serious action.

As a Jewish woman, I will not be told that the party I’ve worked for all my life is no longer for me. Our movement needs to find the courage to confront head on the ugliness of anti-Semitism, which is corroding our great history as an anti-racist party.

The Labour Party continues to be the only hope millions of people have of political power and representation. In local government around the country we are the only thing standing between our communities and Tory austerity, fighting day in and day out to protect our public services and our vulnerable residents from the ravages of cuts and neglect.

My message to local Labour members and voters is that Camden Labour is a home for all who have ideas about how to build a more just society and are committed to standing against racism.

We are seeking to build an alternative to austerity, isolationism and divisiveness, bringing humanity and compassion back to politics. We are working together to build new beautifully-designed social housing, to protect our family of schools, and develop pioneering new approaches on youth safety, air quality and citizen-led decision making.

Labour in power around the country is re-imagining the role of the local state, re-shaping local economies, and re-distributing power. My daily experience is one of the courage, passion and strength of our communities and they need the Labour Party to stand alongside them.

In Camden, we are proud of our links to Europe and we will not give up on our belief that we are stronger together with Europe. Camden has always been at the forefront of building a radical future, we do not have to succumb to national divisions, we can stand together and build a social movement based on internationalism, social justice, equality and hope.


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