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Barking to Gospel Oak rail users back reopening Junction Road

17 March, 2017

• THE original station at Junction Road closed, along with Hornsey Road, on May 3 1943 (Missing link, Letters, March 9).

The Barking – Gospel Oak Rail User Group (founded in 1964) has supported reopening Junction Road as Tufnell Park for at least the past 30 years.

Both Camden and Islington councils supported reopening until the baffling fragmentation of our railways in 1995 caused them to give up.

Perhaps residents could try to rekindle the interest of local councillors?

I have to disappoint your correspondent, Andy Ross, as the line is not yet “up to scratch”.

Network Rail did not finish the electrification work in time and so at least one further closure is required to finish the work to allow new four-carriage electric trains to run in spring 2018.

Secretary, Barking – Gospel Oak
Rail User Group


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