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Baynes Street scheme will worsen pollution

18 February, 2021

• NOTHING is seriously wrong with Baynes Street, yet Camden are carrying out a safe & healthy street consultation.

Baynes Street is a relatively quiet, narrow, safe, one-way street between St Pancras Way and Royal College Street.

The council propose to make the whole of Baynes Street two-way for cycles. Buses (No 274) will be able to enter Baynes Street from St Pancras Way and exit into Royal College Street.

Cars and delivery vans will be able to enter Baynes Street from St Pancras Way, as they can now, but not be able to exit via Royal College Street (as now) so they will have to turn round in Baynes Street and exit the same way they came in.

As there are 62 flats in Reachview Close and a similar number in Bruges Place, all in Baynes Street, there could be cars and vans attempting to turn in the road every day and so blocking buses trying to drive along Baynes Street, as well as any other cars and vans going to Reachview Close or Bruges Place.

The resulting hold-ups would add considerably to air pollution rather than decrease it as, presumably, the proposed scheme intends.

The plan may be to reduce the number of cars entering Royal College Street from Baynes Street as there are often traffic hold-ups there; but it will simply mean more hold-ups in Baynes Street and more hold-ups in Royal College Street as cars and vans try to find another way through.

All this chaos is also more likely to make Baynes Street less safe for pedestrians crossing the road with buses marooned, cycles from both directions, and cars and vans trying to turn round to return the way they have come.

The net result will be no improvement in health and safety, and a large amount of council taxpayers’ money spent on something which is totally unnecessary.



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