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Beacons lit in Euston to warn of the arrival of HS2

Mimi Romilly recited her Stop the Train! campaign poem about HS2

27 October, 2017 — By Tom Foot

Beacons are being lit across the country to illustrate the destruction caused by High Speed 2

FLAMING beacons have been used throughout history to warn villages against approaching raiders, popularised in Greek mythology and also in J.R.R Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. And now one has been lit in the grounds of a Grade I-listed St Pancras Church Parish to warn of the oncoming threat of HS2 in Euston. Church warden Dorothea Hackman lit the propane, clear-fuel fire on Saturday.

It is one of sev­eral being set up across the country to “illuminate the destruction High Speed 2 will wreak”. A group of staunch HS2 campaigners met “despite the gusting wind and sporadic showers” in the church on Saturday evening. A drone captured aerial images of people shining their flashlights upwards.

Mimi Romilly recited her Stop the Train! campaign poem about HS2. It goes: “Stop that train, yes stop that train, before they drive us all insane!” Homes, businesses, trees and parks are being demolished in Camden over the next year so that HS2 can spend 17 years building a new railway terminus in Euston.



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