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Being part of the safer neighbourhood board could not be easier

31 October, 2019

• FURTHER to the letter from “Peter”, (The Safer Neighbourhood Board lacks transparency, October 24): Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board has been at the forefront of police and community engagement for over 30 years.

We believe the best way to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods is to work in partnership with the police, council, voluntary organisations and, most importantly, Camden residents.

People get passionate about where they live and rightly so. We provide residents with a forum to voice their concerns directly with people at the top of the police, council and, of course, Camden SNB. This is not always pretty.

What is important is that mixture of passion and anger is turned into action by the police, council and by residents by getting involved in their local community through their residents’ associations, Neighbourhood Watch, Safer Neighbourhood panels, Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board or in other ways.

Being part of the SNB could not be easier; we are a membership organisation and any group with 10 members or more and a constitution can join us.

Just follow the link to our website and apply online: Or if you just want to come along to our events and receive crime and community safety information visit our website and subscribe!

We are strong supporters of partnership working but, do not be mistaken, our members remain fiercely independent.

Vice-Chair & Treasurer


Projects Manager

Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board


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