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Belsize Library closed while visitor waits for coronavirus test results

Library stresses that closure is a precaution

09 March, 2020

BELSIZE Community Library is closed this afternoon (Monday) after a “recent visitor” told staff they were having a test for coronavirus.

The library in Antrim Grove said it hoped to re-open later this week.

In a statement on social media, The Winch community centre, which runs the library, said: “We’ve temporarily closed Belsize Library. A recent visitor is worried they may have coronavirus. They asked to be tested, but won’t get the results for a couple of days. As a precaution, we’ve paused our activities to safeguard our community.”

It added: “We’d like to stress that this is not a confirmed case of coronavirus and this is purely a precautionary measure to safeguard the many visitors we get every day.”

Public Health England listed Camden has having two confirmed cases of Covid-19, the virus which has infected more than 100,000 people worldwide and killed almost 4,000 people. Health advice remains to wash hands regularly with soap and water, and to avoid touching your face.


Liberal Democrat councillors have postponed their surgeries which were due to be held there.

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