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Belsize Park zebra crossing is a ‘death trap’, warns funeral director

'I was literally like a sandwich'

04 August, 2019 — By Helen Chapman

Kathryn Isherwood at the crossing in England’s Lane where she says she was almost killed

A FUNERAL director who says she was almost killed on her walk to work, is calling for a “death trap” zebra crossing to be moved.

Kathryn Isherwood, who has lived in Primrose Hill for 28 years, was on her way to work in Belsize Park last Wednesday when she nearly got hit by a lorry on the zebra crossing in England’s Lane.

She said: “Why put a zebra crossing on a corner? If drivers and cyclists know it is there, it is OK. But drivers new to the area pass through all the time and if they don’t know the zebra crossing is there, they could plough into someone.  I want it to be moved. I have seen so many people have problems with cars not stopping.”

Ms Isherwood has worked at Leverton and Sons funeral directors in Haverstock Hill for 16 years. “I already know how frail our lives are,” she said.

She was crossing at 7.30am from the Starbuck’s in England’s Lane to the other side by the Washington pub when the near-miss happened.

“I could see a lorry coming from Primrose Hill and it just wasn’t slowing down,” said Ms Isherwood. “It must have been going at about 40 miles per hour. I looked at him, he had his window open, and he was just looking straight ahead.”

At the same time a car approached from the other side.

Ms Isherwood said: “They both zoomed past me. Neither of them stopped. I was stuck in the middle of the road. I was literally like a sandwich. I was so lucky. I think I could have been killed outright. At that time in the morning motorists tend to put their foot down. It’s like a death trap. Now I don’t use it. I am scared to use it – terrified.”

A Camden Council spokesperson said: “The zebra crossing on England’s Lane was implemented sometime around 2001/2002. So far to date there has only been one recorded collision on the crossing which resulted in a slight injury. There have been no fatalities within 50 metres of the crossing since it was installed.”


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