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Best not to worry about harm because of 5G

26 July, 2019

• SEVERAL letters have asserted that mobile phone transmissions via the 5G system are likely to be seriously harmful, not only to users but also to those living near transmitters.

Being concerned for my young grandchildren, and for those of their generation, I read what the BBC’s “Reality Check” service reports on the matter.

For those without web facilities, the gist of the advice is that: “the European Union says exposure from 5G will be far below limits set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)”.

I feel unclear from what I read whether this reassurance applies mainly to short-term exposure, or whether it extends to long-term cumulative use and, indeed, whether it leaves those who do not operate an iPhone, like myself, free not to fear the dense zig zag radiation through the atmosphere of other people’s messaging.

Overall I feel it is best not to worry about this.

Lancaster Grove, NW3


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