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Beware of the moped menaces

24 May, 2019

Moped on pavement in Laycock Street

• I LIVE in Laycock Street in Islington and each day dozens of mopeds ride on the pedestrian footpaths, endangering all those around.

The situation has become so bad that there are now rising tensions between residents and moped riders in the area, leading to physical altercations.

The council has been contacted several times about the issue, but has not responded to countless videos and photographs of the incidents.

Laycock Street is a no-through-road for vehicles, bicycles being the only exception. To take a short cut, moped riders ignore the road layout and mount the pavement instead.

There are signs for cameras, but there are clearly none in the area to capture any violations. Islington Council is ignoring the issue, which was first reported to it two years ago.

I fear it will only be a matter of time before someone is seriously injured, particularly as on this road there is a primary school and medical centre.

I have footage of a physical altercation between a pedestrian and a moped rider and images of moped riders flouting the law, plus timelapse footage which captures 15 mopeds driving on the pavement in a two-hour period.



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