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Bilbo’s plastic baggins

26 July, 2019

As the UK swelters in the severe heat, many of us are taking to our parks and gardens to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine. Whilst the majority of us are aware of the environmental consequences of leaving our litter behind, many people still overlook the direct dangers to animals – whether they be wild, stray or owned pets.

Animals cannot break down plastic in their digestive systems, and therefore if litter is ingested, they are at risk of obstruction, poisoning and even death. For 1.5 year old Bilbo, a stray cat found in North London, this could have easily become his reality.

Little Bilbo was suffering from severe diarrhoea and an inflamed behind when our Animal Welfare Officers found him, dehydrated and in distress. After arriving at Mayhew, Bilbo vomited up the remains of a plastic bag – the culprit causing him his significant discomfort.

Thankfully, our Vets were able to treat and monitor Bilbo, and fortunately, his symptoms completely cleared up after a couple of days resting and on medication. He is now ready to go home to a brand new family who have promised him a plastic free ‘Shire’ of his very own – but sadly, many cats just like him won’t be so lucky.

Please help us save the lives of even more cats by sharing Bilbo’s story, and spreading awareness of the dangers of plastic to animals.



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