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Bill Good, globetrotting ad chief who turned to art in retirement

Regular swimmer loved a 'cine-dinner', a meal and then a movie with his family

15 August, 2017 — By Aleesha Hansel

BILL Good, who has died aged 79, had a lifetime of adventure before settling down in St Mark’s Crescent, Primrose Hill.

Bill’s globetrotting started at the age of 18 with national service in Malta, where as a photographer he took pictures of low-flying planes. His wife, Marijke, recalled how Bill was well known for his sense of humour. He once decided to change the word “serving” to “skiving” on a mural and to draw cartoons of officers. Not best pleased, the officers threatened to punish the whole group. Bill confessed and was made to wash windows.

After his year-and-a-half of service, he took a job with Esso but soon moved into advertising, running a small agency in London. Bill also spent time in New York but later left for Madrid. After his first wife, Judi, gave birth to Gabriel and Joshua, the couple moved to Norway. His wife later refused to follow him to Beirut. Bill moved once more to the comparative safety of Brussels, where he met his second wife, Marijke, at the Pan European advertising agency.

Bill was director, Marijke a secretary. The couple would live together for 43 years and have two children, Nicholas and Anthony. Bill then worked in Mexico, London and Portugal, with the couple managing to squeeze in a wedding in Marijke’s home town, Oss, in the Netherlands. Retiring at 53, Bill still had a lust for life and turned to making etchings, which he occasionally exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts.

He would swim regularly at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre before breakfast. Marijke said he liked to relax with a “cine-diner” – a phrase he coined to describe making dinner and then watching a film with his family, often treating them to a huge pot of “Daddy’s stew” to dig into. He had devised it when the children were small and it always brought back happy memories.


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