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Black History Month supporters

01 October, 2019

LabTech believes the local community is a vital part of what makes Camden unique.

That is why we are committed to improving and enhancing local residents’ quality of life by supporting community initiatives and creating a sustainable environment and a place that is vibrant for people to live in, work and visit.

LabTech supports local entrepreneurs and start-ups through ‘LABS’ co-working space, employment and training opportunities. We also support social enterprises and community festivals, and provide meeting spaces for community groups to connect with one another.

Lee Lyons, Chief Operating Officer Fitzrovia Partnership

The Fitzrovia Partnership is proud to support this initiative to celebrate Black History Month. Olaudah Equiano is an important and inspirational character within Fitzrovia’s history, where he lived part of his remarkable life. At that time, Fitzrovia was a place which attracted poets and artists from all backgrounds with taste and ambition.

It was whilst in Fitzrovia that Equiano completed his famous autobiography The Interesting Narrative at his house in Riding House Street which was also in close proximity to The Committee for the Relief of the London Black Poor in Warren Street.

We are fortunate that these early creative, progressive and remarkable influences still prevail in the area today.

George Martindale with his certificate with, from left, with Alan Tyler; George Sharkey, Islington Trade Council Secretary; Fred Coford; Ruth Hayes; Mick Gilgun, Islington Trade Council Chair; Ruth Steigman; Jan Pollock and Peter Gilman


Aged 95 and still going strong, longstanding Islington resident George Martindale has been a trade unionist stalwart for the best part of his life. An active member of the Islington Trades Union Council (ITUC) since 1944 – including serving as secretary – since 1944, he started out at Edwards, an engineering factory off Islington Park Street.

He went on to work for the Post Office as a power engineer in Cornwallis Road, Upper Holloway, and was a member of the Post Office Engineering Union and local lay branch official. He is currently a retired member of the Communication Workers Union Grater London Combined Branch. Mr Martindale still attends union and ITUC meetings and maintains an active interest in local politics. In recognition of his lifelong commitment to trade unionism and the labour movement he was awarded the TUC silver badge on September 19 by members of the Islington Trades Union Council.

Camden National Education Union

Camden has a proud tradition of being a haven to migrants, including many writers and  campaigners for justice. They have made a huge contribution to our society and communities, and continue to do so.

These range from 18th century abolitionist Olaudah Equiano to the African National Congress in its fight against apartheid in South Africa. Inspirational African leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta lived and studied here, as did novelist Buchi Emecheta – all role models for us today.

We welcome migrants who help make Camden a vibrant, tolerant and distinctive place. Camden teachers, represented by the NEU, welcome refugees and migrants in all their diversity.
Gerald Clark, Secretary Camden National Education Union


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