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Blue badge thefts: Police find ‘life axe’ used for breaking car windscreens

11 June, 2018

The tool found in the Cantelowes ward

POLICE in Camden Town hope a thief stealing blue disabled badges from car windscreens may have been halted after the discovery of an unusual tool during a weapons sweep.

PCSO Garry Dwyer, who patrols the Cantelowes wards, said: “The item is called a life axe. Its only use is to smash toughened glass – obviously not the item to have in your possession during a stop and search by police. And so these items are left by in a convenient place, prior to carrying out the next car break-in.”

Officers have previously warned that there have been nine separate thefts of the badges, which are highly valuable on the black market as they allow parking dispensations which are reserved for drivers with mobility problems. A serial offender is suspected of being behind the grabs.

The axe was found during a community weapons­ sweep which saw Camden Square residents help police search bushes and park land for hidden weapons.

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