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Bravo to HS2 protesters

02 July, 2020

HS2: ‘extremely disruptive and very noisy work stopped by passionate members of the community’

• AT about 10.30pm Tuesday a 64-year-old resident of Rydal Water, on Hampstead Road, and her son managed to achieve in half an hour what Sir Keir Starmer, Camden Council and various local community groups have failed to achieve in a period of years.

They confronted the late-night “essential repair work” made necessary by the seemingly endless HS2 works in the traffic mini-contraflow system on Hampstead Road and made them stop the extremely disruptive and very noisy work until now.

Although I commend Sir Keir for trying to hold the Tory government to account as leader of the Opposition, I have never seen him show the same diligence in supporting local communities negatively impacted by HS2 over the past five years.

My own experience of Sir Keir? I’ve lost out heavily to HS2, as have many others – but all I’ve received in reply to letters are meaningless platitudes instead of strong and firm action – as displayed by two passionate members of the community on Tuesday.

Bravo to them – I hope more follow their brave lead!



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