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Brexit split will not be forever, says MEP in Brussels sign-off

Lib Dem comes home as Camden Conservatives organise a party

31 January, 2020 — By Richard Osley

Luisa Porritt gives her final speech to the EU parliament

A LIBERAL Democrat MEP coming home after eight months representing London at the European Parliament predicted the UK will one day return during her final speech in Brussels.

Luisa Porritt has divided her time between Camden where she is a councillor in Belsize ward and the parliaments in Belgium and France since her election win last May.

But she was among British MEPs clearing their desks this week ahead of today’s (Friday’s) Brexit divorce date.

Although impossible to stop it, she said she would vote against the final deal “on behalf of millions of British people who voted to remain, including my constituents in London”.

She said: “Brexit is a regressive, reckless right-wing project. The only people celebrating it outside of the UK are those who wish to weaken us all.”

Cllr Porritt, a former journalist who joined the Lib Dems after the 2016 referendum saw the Leave campaign win, told the EU parliament: “This decision is harmful for young people, our fellow Europeans living in the UK and the most people in the UK. In the past few days we have welcomed young Brits to this parliament. They don’t want Brexit, they value common endeavour over isolationism.”

Cllr Porritt was congratulated for her stint in the EU parliament by Labour council leader Georgia Gould last week.

The council, as a whole, passed motions calling for a second referendum before the hopes of pro-EU councillors were crushed by the landslide win for the Conservatives in last month’s general election. Around three-quarters of residents who took part in Camden wanted to remain.

Nigel Farage, from the Brexit Party, said in his final speech that the UK would never return.

But in a day of raw emotions in the chamber, Cllr Porritt said: “Brexit is now inevitable but I don’t believe it will be permanent. Young Brits will one day lead the campaign for us to rejoin as committed members.”

Meanwhile, some Conservative members are planning a Brexit Day party this evening (Friday) at a pub in Primrose Hill


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