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Brexit will hit jobs

13 September, 2018

• SANJOY Sen blames the European Union for the rise of hard right parties claiming it “has consistently shown no interest in reform or changing tack” (Letters, September 6).

This is incorrect as the EU has a long record of reform including recent measures to update the Posted Workers Directive which addresses a concern of working class voters, no doubt including some of the 416 people who voted for Mr Sen when he stood as the Tory candidate for Kilburn in the recent local elections.

The new rules will come into effect by May 2020 and mean workers posted temporarily to another EU country must have the same pay and conditions as local workers so stopping employers undercutting the local labour force.

Straw polling by Open Britain Hampstead at Roderick Road Street Festival on Sunday showed locals were unanimous in believing Brexit would be bad for jobs with all but a handful of people also demanding a People’s Vote.

Parliamentary support is also growing for the people to be given a final say on Brexit with Guto Bebb becoming the fifth Tory MP to officially join the campaign declaring: “The people have the right to see what the prime minister comes back with and to compare it with the deal we currently have.”

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