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Bring an end to this selfish behaviour on Primrose Hill

19 November, 2020

Large crowds gather on Primrose Hill

• I AM appalled at the ongoing reports of selfish, boorish and dangerous behaviour of the large crowds that seem to gather on Primrose Hill at the slightest excuse, (Hundreds join late night rave on Primrose Hill, November 12).

The Royal Parks’ response is frankly pathetic and seemingly helpless. They may not think that installation of gates would help but that is no excuse. Just try it and see.

If the park can be closed at 9pm for Guy Fawkes Night and New Year’s Eve why cannot this be done at other obvious times such as last nights before lockdown or other likely excuses for large crowds to gather?

It is passing the buck to say that enforcement is a matter for the police. Why can’t parks manager Nick Biddle and his colleagues arrange for police to man the entrances during the evening and make it quite clear that large gatherings are illegal – apart from the weak enforcement of the Covid-19 social distancing, which is non-existent at such times?

The music equipment which is obviously brought there specially is illegal according to the byelaws for open spaces and should be rejected instantly; and crowds dispersed before they start to gather in threatening numbers.

It is a pity that residents cannot themselves gather in force and go out in a large body to make it clear to the so-called revellers that they are unwelcome, rather like earlier revolutionary movements. That would be something to see.

And the culprits who organise these objectionable events should be made to pick up all the litter and pay for the cost of a general clean-up, apart from heavy fines and possible imprisonment.

Police have the powers to arrest anti-social revellers for not only disturbing the peace but breaking every byelaw in the book. So I hope the strength of feeling on these events will at last make the authorities do something about it.

The most pathetic response as reported was “we continue to work proactively with the police in terms of public messaging to try to bring an end…”

Do they really think that the yobbish ravers who break every social distancing rule in the book, apart from all the byelaws, will take the slightest notice?

Of course not – and note the “try to bring an end to these unacceptable disturbances…” They should try harder, possibly with council assistance using their security teams to help the police.

Thurlow Road, NW3


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