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Burglars banned from stepping foot inside any hotel in the country

Banning orders for two prolific thieves

05 April, 2018

CAMDEN police are attempting to crack down on thieves targeting tourists by banning convicted burglars from entering any hotel across the country.

In an attempt to prevent repeat offending, burglars have been slapped with legal orders that mean they could be arrested for stepping foot in a hotel.

A criminal behaviour order, similar to an Asbo, was issued to Hamed Ghalambor when he was sentenced in March to 35 months’ imprisonment for of five burglaries.

The 32-year-old is prohibited from “entering any hotel, guest house or hostel where he is not a registered guest in England and Wales” for the next five years. Atiq MacLaian, 47, was issued a similar order when he was sentenced to five-and-half years in prison for eight burglaries at businesses in Holborn.

The pair are also banned from entering any private premises in England and Wales, unless invited.

Inspector Paul Clarke said: “The conditions imposed should prevent further offending, by these very prolific offenders, protecting the public by ensuring that convicted offenders are denied the opportunities to commit further offences.”


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