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Bus drivers treating cyclists like rubbish

17 May, 2019

• IS there any chance that drivers of the 43 bus can be told to stop trying to get people cycling lawfully out of the way by frightening them?

I’ve witnessed two rather unpleasant episodes this week. On one occasion, before boarding the bus a 43 driver who was starting his shift at Upper Holloway shouted at a man who happened to be cycling past.

The driver and the one ending his shift then had a laugh together. What the man on the bike felt we don’t know, but I doubt he found the situation funny.

On another occasion, a driver of the 43 bus beeped and signalled to a girl on a bike to get out of the way; the terrified girl went on the pavement with her bike. Both cyclists were cycling normally and lawfully.

I know from experience how you need to concentrate when cycling on London roads, as it is impossible to know which driver will try to push you out of the way or run you over.

But now bus drivers as well? Are they authorised to treat people on bikes as if they are rubbish in the way?

(60, cyclist in London for 36 years)
Wedmore Gardens, N19


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