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Bus stop saga is ridiculous

07 November, 2019

• BUS stop P in St Pancras Way, Camden Town, has, in the space of two months, had its shelter dismantled, the pavement dug up, pedestrians diverted into the road while the foundations of a new bus shelter are set and a new shelter erected.

All fine so far. Less than two weeks later, the new shelter was dismantled and replaced by a standard bus stop; no shelter.

Four weeks on and the standard bus stop was taken down, pedestrians diverted while the pavement was dug up again, and foundations laid for what is now the third bus shelter on the same spot in two months.

Who pays for this and what silly person decided on this ridiculous state of affairs? At a time when bus digital timetable shelters across Camden are being dismantled and replaced with non-digital versions, this particular series of events takes the biscuit.



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