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Businesses and residents certainly have a right to be worried by HS2

02 March, 2017

ROYAL assent was given to the HS2 phase one – the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Act 2017 – on February 23, confirming to residents that the construction period is imminent.

Local businesses and residents certainly have a right to be worried.

Residents in Camden are faced with years of destruction and disruption, and the construction period will be long and unyielding. It is crucial that Camden Council hold HS2 Ltd’s feet firmly to the fire and make sure that due consideration is given to the local people who will try to maintain their ordinary everyday lives throughout this period.

Now that it has been confirmed that HS2 will go ahead, it has become even more important that a full assessment of the impact of both HS2 and Cycle Superhighway 11 is carried out as soon as possible.

The cumulative effect of two major projects at once may prove to be difficult for the local area to bear, and it is right that residents should have their say before any final construction timetables are laid out.

Here’s hoping that some joined-up thinking will be successful in limiting the impact of these two schemes on Camden.

Swiss Cottage Conservatives


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