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Buzz the mangabey monkey born at London Zoo

Rare primate named moon landing pioneer

06 September, 2019 — By Kate Byng-Hall

A THREE-WEEK-OLD mangabey born at London Zoo has been named after Buzz Aldrin in honour of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Buzz is the eighth member of the zoo’s troupe of white-naped macabeys, one of the rarest species of monkey in the world. They are endangered due to habitat loss, targetting by hunters for fur and bushmeat, and the illegal wildlife trade in Western Africa, the only place they can be found in the wild.

White-naped macabeys are at home in the trees, where they exhibit their method of shrieking, whooping and grunting using their throat sacs to communicate with each other among the treetops. They are also proficient on the forest floor, so visitors to the Zoo will be able to see Buzz trying to follow in mum Achimoto’s foraging footsteps in the next few weeks.

Team leader Daniel Simmonds said: “We hope his future is as prosperous as that of his namesake.”


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