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Camden closed a vital cycle route without offering an acceptable and safe alternative

09 August, 2018

‘Cyclists have simply chosen Charrington Street route as the only available safe option’

• YOUR article reports on the recent delegation from Charrington Street residents to the Camden’s culture and environment scrutiny committee,(Council urged to halt cyclists cutting through Somers Town paved area, August 2).

The problem that it refers to is caused by the closure in December 2017 of the well-designed and long-standing official cycle route on Purchese Street and Polygon Road for a lengthy construction project (continuing, we understand, until at least April 2019).

The closure was approved by the council but not accompanied by any action to offer an acceptable and safe alternative route for the 1,500 to 2,000 daily journeys made using this essential cycling link, even though reasonable alternatives were proposed to them. This unsatisfactory situation has persisted for over eight months.

Camden Cycling Campaign recognises that the use of the paved area in Charrington Street for cycle journeys at school entry and exit times is an undesirable option and we have never recommended it. Individual cyclists have simply chosen that route as the only available safe option in the face of the intransigence of the council.

To read more and view a 1984 GLC video of the route, go to our website at:

Camden Cycling Campaign


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