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Camden do not understand the heritage

25 June, 2020

• THE Bloomsbury Conservation Area is one of the most important in the country, generally accepted as being an internationally significant example of town planning.

Camden’s Bloomsbury Conservation Area appraisal is a 105-page document which attempts to capture its special character and appearance, so that it can be protected for future generations. Yet it only contains a single photograph, on the front page.

And it is a photo of the western end of Grafton Way, which is outside the conservation area. Belgrove House is currently threatened with demolition, in the King’s Cross Conservation Area and bordering Bloomsbury.

Camden’s King’s Cross appraisal mentions that Belgrove House is a 1950s building, built on the foot­print of the former King’s Cross Coach Station.

But research done by the Bloomsbury Conservation Area Advisory Committee (BCAAC) reveals that the current Belgrove House actually is the former King’s Cross Coach Station, built around 1930 and therefore predating Camden Town Hall.

How can Camden protect our heritage for future generations when they don’t even understand that heritage?

BCAAC Member, WC1


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