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Camden is at the forefront of the anti-Semitism battle

25 January, 2018

• WE are greatly pleased to hear of the government’s decision to create new funds to tackle anti-Semitism in universities across the country.

This fund will be administered by the Holocaust Educational Trust and the Union of Jewish Students and will help fight this form of racism by keeping the memory of the victims of the Holocaust alive.

With the UCL in Bloomsbury and a large student population in the borough, Camden is clearly at the forefront of this never-ending battle against a virulent and pernicious form of racism.

If anything, over the last two and more years, this has raised its head to unprecedented heights of shameless visibility and has gained a dangerous form of legitimacy in certain circles, especially when it masquerades as “anti-Zionism”.

I was proud to present a motion to full council, once more condemning anti-Semitism and reiterating it has no place in Camden and expressly attacking the use of the word “zio” used on campuses by the next generation of haters. Labour-run Camden chose not to debate the motion.

As a British-Italian who has lived in Italy, the UK, US, France and Luxembourg (and voted Remain), diversity is important for me. And the safety of all communities to be who they are, free from the threats of violence against their very existence, is essential for all civilised societies.

As history has shown, today’s anti-Semites inevitably tomorrow start widening their net, attacking other groups and communities.

I know that these values are shared by my fellow Conservative candidates standing for Frognal & Fitzjohns.

I can only hope the rejection of anti-Semitism will be shared unequivocally by all candidates standing in our great ward, even those from a party that is preparing to readmit Ken Livingstone and George Galloway to its fold and has had so many of its MPs, councillors and activists reported to the authorities and the media for their anti-Semitic statements.

Regrettably there is legitimate grounds for doubt over whether ambitious publicity-seeking Corbynistas can give such unequivocal guarantees.

Conservative, Frognal & Fitzjohns ward


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